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Crypto Market Making & Blockchain Development

HIRO provides institutional grade market making & blockchain software development. We drive liquidity to your token project.

Market Making on all CEX, DEX & NFT Venues

Our comprehensive market making services are available on centralised exchanges (CEX), decentralised exchanges (DEX), and NFT marketplaces. We ensure liquidity and depth in your token markets across all platforms.

Proprietary Algorithms

Leverage our sophisticated algorithms, designed to optimise order book depth and spread. This results in reduced volatility and improved price discovery for your token.

Experienced Trading Team & 24/7 Support
Our team of specialist traders provides responsive support and continuous market surveillance to manage risk and maintain your listing’s health.
Increased Trading Volumes
Through strategic order placement and volume building, we boost the trading activity of your token, enhancing its visibility and appeal to new investors.
Strategic Liquidation & Cash-out Strategies

We offer tailored strategies for orderly liquidation and cash-outs, tuned to minimise order book impact. We ensure that transactions are optimised for stakeholder objectives.


Institutional Grade

Experienced Trading Team

24/7 Support

Transparent and Low Pricing
On-time delivery
Full-Stack Web3 Development

From front-end to smart contracts, our full-stack web3 development services create robust decentralised applications that stand at the forefront of blockchain technology.

DeFi Apps (dApps, Wallets, Flash Loans)
We specialise in developing DeFi applications, including decentralised platforms, secure wallets, and innovative solutions like flash loans, all designed for the future of finance.
NFT Marketplaces

We build NFT marketplaces that not only enable the buying and selling of digital assets but also provide unique, user-friendly experiences.

AI and Machine Learning

Integrating AI and machine learning, we bring cutting-edge analytics and automation to blockchain applications, making them smarter and more efficient.


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HIRO Ventures & Asset Raising

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Algorithmic Trading Strategy Development

HIRO Ventures

We are uniquely positioned to leverage our unique perspective to identify and invest in promising projects.

The HIRO Team

The founding team combines academic excellence in applied mathematics and machine learning from Oxford and Princeton universities with professional track-records at software multinationals and global investment managers (Microsoft, Goldman Sachs).

This is compounded with professional cryptocurrency industry experience since 2016.