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Pre-Launch Token Services

Catalysing Blockchain Innovation

HIRO empowers and supports projects towards raising funds and achieving their goals.

We provide comprehensive support and guidance to nurture innovative ideas and transform them into successful enterprises.

Empowering Blockchain Projects

General Consulting

Strategic Planning

Market Research

Regulatory Compliance


Developing the Token

Smart Contract Development

Tokenomics & Design

Use-case Conceptualisation

Security & Auditing

Blockchain Software Development

DEXs & NFT Marketplaces

Full-Stack Web3

Blockchain Layer 1 & 2

Smart Contract Upgrades

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Community Building

Website Design

Social Media Strategy

Marketing Materials

Token Management

Market Making on all CEX, DEX

Token Listing Strategies

Token Liquidation & Sales

DEX Liquidity Management

Capital Introductions

Asset Raising

VC Ready

Networking & Industry Experts

Partnerships Opportunities